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Why Do We Need to Add Vitamins and Minerals to Our Diet ?

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There are a number of reasons why our families take vitamin and mineral supplements everyday.

Many studies have shown that the vitamins and minerals in the foods we eat are not sufficient enough to prevent what are known as "long-term diseases".

Diseases like cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and Altzheimers disease.

As a result of the processing of our food, the length of time that it takes to get to us, and the storage conditions, the nutrients in the foods we eat have become unstable.

But, by taking vitamin and mineral supplements everyday, we can bypass the lack of enough nutrients in the food, and help slow long-term diseases.

When we add vitamin and mineral supplements to our diet we can ensure that our family is getting all the proper nutrients their bodies and minds need in the right amounts to stay healthy.

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It has been shown that the inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals is a contributing factor in several of the major chronic diseases that affect us all.

The chronic diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis,and Altzheimers' Disease can be slowed or stopped completely by maintaining a proper balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in our diets.

The short-term-diseases which usually have a single vitamin nutrient deficiency such as scurvy, pellagra. beriberi, goiter, and rickets are all but gone for the most part, but this is only because our food has begun to be fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Family Vitamin Stores can provide you with the vitamin and minerals your family needs to help battle these diseases.

Scientists are now looking at the relationship between the lack of vitamins and minerals in our food, and the effect it has on short and long term diseases.

There are a number of new studies suggesting that the adding of vitamins and minerals to the foods we eat, is the best way to ensure our families healthy bodies and minds.

Scientists agree that the keys to understanding the long-term diseases like Cancer and Heart Disease, may be to think of them instead as being "nutrient-deficient" diseases.

Vitamins and minerals are the keys to our families health and well-being.

The vitamin and mineral nutrients in our food is constantly changing. And this due to the changes in the light, heat, and water that is used to produce this food.

Because of this, the nutritional labels on our foods may not be accurate.

The nutritional information on labels tells us what the nutrient content  would have been at the time the food was first picked.

And this is only if the food was grown under ideal conditions.

Unfortunately, the growing conditions of our food is almost never ideal.

It has been found that the amount of light, heat and water all have a profound effect on the nutrient levels in our food.

For example, the lettuce grown can lose up to 50% of its Vitamin C content for each day it is stored at room temperature after it has been picked.

Scientists have also found that when you eat a carrot, you may be receiving anywhere from 20 IU of Vitamin A (0.4% of the RDA) to 6000 IU (120% of the RDA).

They have also found that 3 ounces of wheat germ can have anywhere from 3.2 IU of Vitamin E (10.7% of RDA) to 21 IU (70% of the RDA).

According to the results published by both the American Medical Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture there is actually no way for scientists to know exactly how much of any one mineral or nutrient is in the food grown due to all the changes it goes thru.

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The food that we may think is fresh and full of the nutrients shown on the food label, is actually almost devoid of any of its nutritional value because of these constant changes in light, heat and water.

Also, there is no way for us to be sure just how long or under what conditions the food was grown or how long it has been stored or even what has been done to the food once it was labeled.

It appears that somewhere between the farm and the dinner table (growing, storing and packaging of our food), that the vitamin and mineral nutrients are disappearing.

Family Vitamin Stores has the supplements we need to correct this problem.

The following information has been provided by the Vitamin Information Service of (Hoffman and La Roche), that show some examples of the percentage of nutrients lost during the growing, processing and storage of food.

The vitamin a may lose up to 60% of its vitamin and mineral content due the changes in the amount of its oxygen, heat, or light.

Vitamin b1 can lose up to 80% of its vitamin content from heat, water or alkaline pH changes.

Vitamin b2 can lose up to 39% from changes in it's water or alkaline pH.

Niacin may lose up to 27% from the water changes alone.

Vitamin b6 can have a loss of up to 82% from changes in the water.

Biotin will lose up to 50% of its vitamin efficiency from changes in the light and alkaline pH.

Pantothenate can lose up to 56% of its vitamin content from heat, water, and alkaline changes.

Vitamin c may lose up to 75% of its nutritional value from changes in the light, heat, water or alkaline levels.

Vitamin d will lose 40% from the light and oxygen changes.

And the vitamin E loses up to 60% of its nutritional value just from the changes in oxygen levels.

Family Vitamin Stores will help keep our families healthy and happy.

So, as a result of the growing conditions, the processing of food, and the storage of food, it is clear that our families are not receiving enough of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need.

As it turns out, we would have to consume massive quanities of food to even come close to the amount of vitamin, mineral and nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy and prevent diseases.

Scientists have agreed that most of us are not getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals in the foods we eat.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements can help remedy this by providing our families with the right balance of nutrients that they need every day vitamin shops.

Family Vitamin Stores will provide you with the finest quality vitamin and minerals for your entire family men, women, children, and pets.

And when we add vitamin and mineral supplements to our diets, we can fill the gaps that occur in our foods nutrition.

It is only through vitamin and mineral supplementation that we can be sure our families are receiving all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy, happy and wise.

Vitamins and minerals are the keys to our family's health.

Enjoy your shopping here at Family Vitamin Stores.

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