Vitamin B1 Deficiency
What Is This ?

Vitamin B1 deficiency may include...the loss of appetite... fatigue... nausea...gastrointestinal disorders... and atrophied muscles.

Thiamine is the another name for the Vitamin B-1...

As one of the water soluble vitamins contained within the B-Complex, Vitamin B1 needs to be replenished daily.

This vitamin is involved in many of our bodies cell processes.

It is an important vitamin needed for our body to function properly.

This vitamin helps to keep our mucus-membranes moist and healthy...

A Vitamin B1 deficiency may also include depression or types of memory loss.

It helps in the production of energy for our internal organs, and does this by converting sugars into energy...

B1 also aids the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, and the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin B1 is also responsible for the production of the neurotransmitters that relay messages to our muscles and nervous systems.

It works to keep our eyes healthy and helps prevent catarac

This vitamin improves the smooth functioning of our brains and helps to improve our memory and concentration...

It strengthens our nervous system and assists in relieving the daily stresses in our lives.

The Vitamin B1has also been known to help reduce the progression of Multiple-Sclerosis, Alzheimer Disease, and Cirrhosis.

It aids in the development of the myilen sheath, which provides the protective layering over the nerves in our body.

And it also helps in the smooth functioning of the nerves in our body.

This vitamin has been known to help treat congestive heart failure too !

All types of living organisms use Vitamin B1 in their biochemical processes.

It has also been known to help with airsickness and seasickness.

This vitamin aids in the production of red blood cells and the lowering of our blood pressure...

And it also acts as an antioxidant, protecting our body from the damage caused by free radicals.

Vitamin B1 can help to reduce symptoms including the loss of appetite, forgetfulness, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, nervousness and even hypersensitivity.

So, during those times when your family forgets to do something they were told to do, perhaps they aren't getting enough of the Vitamin B1.

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The Vitamin B1 is another of the vital Keys in the Health of our Families body and mind.

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