Vitamin B9
What Does This Do ?

Vitamin B9  has been shown to help with the loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness of the body, a sore tongue, and headaches.

Folic Acid is another name for this. And as a water-soluble vitamin it must be replenished everyday.

This vitamin is essential for the continued good health of every cell in our bodies.

It has also been known to help prevent heart disease and strokes.

As one of the essential vitaminsis, it is needed for our optimum growth and development.

It is essential for the metabolic processes that occur in our bodies, and helps to regulate in cell formation.

This vitamin improves the workings of our heart, and with the growth and development of our brain and nervous system...

It can also help improve our mental and emotional well being.

This vitamin enhances the growth, development, and maintaince of our muscle tissues too.

It works in the formation and synthesis of our DNA and RNA.

It aids in the digestion of the food we eat and enhances the energy that is created from this food.

This Folic Acid strengthens the immune system and lowers the risk of serious diseases, and does this by enhancing the cells within the body

It helps in the transfer of oxygen between red blood cells,
and in the building and repairing of skin cells.

With the intake of this vitamin there is an improvement in the skin cells that line our small intestine...vitamin shops

It also helps protect against cancer, birth defects, lung cancer, colon cancer and cervix cancer. And it lowers the risk of premature birth, birth problems, infertility and sterility.

It can assist with symptoms including nausea, anemia, diarrhea and malnutrition.

This vitamin helps with headaches, mood swings, and even insomnia.

It guards against heart palpitations, difficulty in breathing and  memory problems.

A folic acid deficiency has also been known to give us irritability and even some types of behavior disorders.

As you can see the Vitamin B9 as another of the essential Vitamin Keys to our Families continued Health...

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