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Why Do You Need Them ?

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Since you as a woman are not receiving enough of the vitamins and minerals your body needs either, from the food you eat, you will need to add a vitamin and mineral supplement to your diet also.

With the exception of the Vitamin D ( sunshine ) our bodies alone cannot produce enough of the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy...vitamin shops.

We must either get these nutrients from the foods we eat, or from the addition of a vitamin and mineral supplement to our meals.

Young girls grow at a faster rate during their teen years and their nutritional needs are much greater then.

So it is essential that these young girls have enough vitamin and minerals in their active bodies to stay healthy and strong.

And because their bones are still forming, the Calcium Mineral is also necessary for them and the Vitamin D, which helps their bodies absorb this calcium.

Also these girls need to have an adequate amount of the Vitamin B-Complex.

Because when they begin menstration, this will help guard against the risk of anemia.

Zinc is another of the important minerals needed to help maintain their healthy skin and immune system.

Also the women of child bearing age will have very specific vitamin and mineral needs.

And also, the women who are breast feeding should make sure they are getting enough of the calcium mineral to help meet their needs during lactation.

And to make sure you meet all of the nutrition requirements of pregnancy, you will need to add a Prenatal Vitamin and Mineral Supplement to your diet also.

So as you can see there is absolute need for additional vitamin and minerals throughout your changing life.

And here at Family-Vitamin-Stores you can find the finest quality girls and womens vitamin and mineral supplements that will help keep your body and mind strong.

Remember, Vitamins and Minerals are important Keys to a Women's Healthy Body and Mind.

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