Vitamin A Benefits
What Are They ?

Vitamin A Benefits include the strengthening of different points throughout our bodies including... the mucous-membranes...the linings of the eyes...the respiratory system... the urinary and intestinal tracts... and our white blood cells.

By keeping our membranes moist and soft , it creates a resistance to cell damage by free radicals...

It also inhibits bacteria and viruses from starting infections by quickly treating any problems that may arise.

This is one of the fat-soluble vitamins that is stored in our bodies for use at a later time.

Some Vitamin A foods include sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, cantalope, dried apricots, and mangos.

These Vitamin A foods aid in the creation of healthy cells and tissues throughout our bodies.

This vitamin also helps in our  resistance to cancer.

The Vitamin A Benefit also includes the fight against diseases in our respiratory systems.

It also has many preventive and therapeutic functions within our bodies as well...

Vitamin A helps to relieve our dry-eye improving the cells functioning and creating moisture in the eyes.

This vitamin helps keep our mucus-membranes moist, and produces pigments that are vital to the health of our eyes...

It is a powerful antioxidant for our bodies and also helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

It is also essential for the reproductive processes of both males and females.

Vitamin A good for the overall health of our immune system.

This vitamin blocks the formation of free radicals by fortifying our cells walls.

It resists respiratory infections and helps in the prevention and treatment of certain skin cancers...

Vitamin A does this by inhibiting the production of DNA in the cancerous cells.

This vitamin also allows our eyes to distinguish between light and dark and improving our night vision.

It helps to fight against cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and other age-related eye diseases.

It protects the cardiovascular system around our heart, and guarding against heart disease and strokes...

Vitamin A also helps to regulate our blood-cholesterol levels.

Here are some more Vitamin A foods...

Milk, Egg Yolks, Mozzarella Cheese and Liver.

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