Vitamin B7
What Is It ?

Vitamin B7 better known as Biotin, is another of the water soluble vitamins and must be replenished everyday.

B7 plays a vital role in helping to maintain our health and vitality...

It is needed for the growth of cells in our bodies...

It also helps to maintain our skin, hair, and nails...

This vitamin acts as a catalyst, extracting the energy from fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

This helps to create the energy our bodies need to function properly.

This vitamin works as a co-enzyme transfering the carbon-dioxide between the cells for their metabolism.

And thru this metabolic process B7 aids in our internal skin care and tissue maintaince.

It reduces the excess fats within the cells to help with weight loss.

By reducing the levels of cholesterol in our blood, this vitamin helps to alleviate heart problems.

B7  helps to ease fatigue, depression, and the loss of appetite.

It also acts as a pain killer when we overuse our muscles.

This vitamin aids in the slowing of the loss of hair, anemia, dermatitis, and even some types of neurological disorders.

It helps to repair the muscle tissues and the growth of our bone marrow.

And it also helps to maintain the proper functioning of our nervous systems.

It helps to balance the blood-sugar levels in our bodies, and the easing of the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, Rett-Syndrome, and diabetes.

This vitamin assists the metabolic rate of insulin within our bodies cells.

These are some of the foods that can provide you with this Vitamin, when taken in the proper quanities...

Beef Liver,Chicken Breast, and Salmon...

Cheese and Eggs...

Cauliflower and Spinach...

Brewers Yeast and Nuts.

But, during those times when your family isn't eating enough of these foods, remember you can always find just the right amount of Vitamin B7 here at Family Vitamin Stores...vitamin shops...

The Vitamin B7 is another of the Valuable Keys for the continued Health of our Family.

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